Friday, July 23, 2010

Slight Addiction #1

So the other day as I sat here, I was thinking of all the things I loved to do. And I relized that there is something I say a lot, and It's "Slight Addiction" I'm not exactly sure where I got this, but It's something I say a lot so I decided I'm going to share mine with you! So today my first Slight Addiction, or SA if you will, is Plays.

Yes, I may seem nerdy, but I absolutly love going to plays and operas. I love how connected a good play can make you feel. All the emotion it packs inside you. Plays inspire me, to do lots of things. The most recent play I have attended was Rent. A movie all and all about NYC, but many other topics. Though I had not seen the movie, I was pretty sure I would like it. Why you may ask? Well, anything with music I love, it runs through my veins.

So I encourage you to act, and go to plays. It may just imspire you to do something you never thought you would. They have gaven me a new perspective on lots of things and It just may for you too.

"Five hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minnites, how do you measure a year in the life? How about love!" -Rent

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