Saturday, July 10, 2010

Got2b, Smooth Operator Review---♥

Hey everyone! It's Jazz and today I'm going to give a review on the Got2b Smooth Operator, by Schwarzkopf.

Schwarzkopf started off as a small German company in Berlin, and has been around for 111 years. They have multiple hair care lines, but Got2b is very affordable. I bought it at a local drugstore for about 7.00$.

Where did I hear about this hair product? Well one day I was watching a fellow friend on youtube {Katy} and she mentioned how soft it made her hair. She explained that it worked well with flat irons also, so I thought I should try it out.

The name explains it all, the Got2b smooth operator made my hair silky and smooth. I found it great to use with a flat iron or curling iron. Or even if you woke up and simply put your hair in a pony tail, it made your hair silky and managable.

Something I didn't like about the spray was that once you sprayed it, your hair was attrackted to it, and it poofed a little, though this can be fixed by just going over your hair with a brush, it wasn't good if you were in a hury.

My absolute favorite part about this spray was, the smell. It smells as if heaven has leaked into a bottle and sold for 6.50$. It smells like vanilla and somthing sweet. You can't put your finger on the smell, but people wouldn't stop telling me how good my hair acctually smelt! (:

All in all, I absolutly love the spray and I would recomend it to anyone with hair! (: I have heard that other products on the Got2b line are good but I haven't tryed any yet. But, but the quality of it, I most deffenatly will! :)


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